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Nowhere is “BUYER BEWARE!!” more applicable than in an insurance contract, especially when insuring a Project as each project is unique in its risk exposure and unless one is equipped to handle the challenges posed by the dynamic and expanding complexities of the risk, and respond to these challenges with appropriate risk management and insurance solutions.

We will help you to:

  • Technically evaluate the risk factors and exposures to organise a comprehensive risk transfer program for your project.
  • Appreciate the Commercial parameters and intricacies of the project / contract and its interpretations to describe and clarify its implications in the insurance contract.
  • Review and analyse the contract terms and conditions to ensure that contractual indemnities and insurance provisions are in sync.
  • Ensure that the insurance program is comprehensive and is adequately and correctly worded to ensure desired risk transfer.
  • Appreciate the relevance of multiple conditions and warranties and the requirement for complicatedly worded add on covers.
  • Evaluate the advantages and shortcomings of an owner controlled insurance program to a principal controlled program.
  • Harmoniously integrate the various risks being insured including transit, project, business interruption, credit etc.