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  • The broking industry in India is still evolving and still has a long way to go to reach international best practices.
  • Corporate Broking in India is still transaction-based, with brokers being used to obtain the lowest premium in the market.
  • The expertise is more in the preparation of excel sheets showing premium comparisons with brokers willing to be involved even for a single policy!
  • It has been our belief from the inception that we need to be advisors to a Corporate enterprise rather than an advisor on a policy. We believe that we should take up assignments only on a full portfolio basis with our value additions beyond mere pricing!!
  • We have succeeded to a large extent to develop a loyal base of clientele, who have been dealing with us for many years, which is a testimony to the expertise and value adds that we have been able to provide, on a continuous basis.

  • Engaging with 2500+ corporates across sectors – the biggest names in the corporate world demanding only the best.
  • Majority on full portfolio basis realising the need for risk Managers and not just Policy Managers.


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