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How would you react

  • When after a damage you are told that the insurance policy will not pay for the loss since a particular cover which was available for a few rupees of premium has not been taken?
  • When you realise, unfortunately after an accident, that the policy document does not reflect your business requirements, leaving you uninsured!

  • When the insurance company offers a fraction of the amount claimed as settlement, when you thought that you are insured under an “All Risk” policy?
  • When the assets, more susceptible to damage are the ones which the insurance company says “are not insured”?
  • When the warranties and conditions conspire to take away a critical cover which had been taken with great care and consideration?
  • When a so-called seamless cover reveals invisible cracks through which a catastrophic loss situation slips through?
As your Risk Manager, we will do what it takes to keep you well insured – Across your Property, Liability, and Financial Risks and protecting your Human Capital.