The bRE Promise

  • Designing specific policy wordings, clarifying on policy interpretation at placement stage itself, to avoid disputes in the event of a claim
  • Better access to senior contacts of insurance companies, to represent and resolve issues both in underwriting and claims
  • Access to expertise from different fields including Property risk, Business Interruption, Marine, Hull and Credit Insurances.
  • Availability of insurance expertise for risk management and insurance from risk assessment, risk mitigation, risk transfer to comprehensive policy review and claims management.
  • Commercial expertise to approach enterprise risk management in a comprehensive manner.
  • Presence of a team of insurance experts to work with you in any negotiation with the insurer.
  • Clearly defined Service Level Agreements between the Insurance Company – Broker – Client
  • Suggestion / recommendations on panel of surveyors
  • Updated feedback on Market changes, both in terms of products and claims servicing outlook of insurers
  • Ready access to legal and commercial expertise required to resolve any technical or claim related disputes or interpretation
  • Strategy and document presentation especially on large and complex claims.
  • Access to international markets and expertise through our RI team and our partnership with Uniba with having around 45 partners worldwide, operating in over 120 countries.

There is a necessity for periodical review of insurance arrangements. We take the responsibility for ensuring that all changes in the insurance industry and within your company get reflected in the insurance cover. Unless insurance is looked at as a day to day activity and not as one time or yearly exercise, there is bound to be a gap in insurance which can be catastrophic in the event of a major claim. Also new requirements for insurance coverage would be reviewed and adequate coverage if required would be studied and implemented.