Complete Documentation & Technology Support

The business organizations need to spruce up their workflow, so that they can deliver more customer-centric services to their clients. Businesses want to associate with the latest technologies leading to productivity and market growth.

A business can gain a competitive edge only if it employs a software product built with the latest technology. Accordingly, bharat RE has robust custom made software with an aim to expand, adapt, and grow the business by enhancing its end product delivered to the ultimate customer

  • That our targeted clientele are best served.
  • It streamlines our business practices so that work process becomes highly market oriented.
  • It reduces overheads and delivers better business results

Single point access for business transactions from all branches

Single point access for policies

Policy renewal reminder

Comprehensive Policy Summary

Speedy claims settlement

Quick refunds

Effective service

Automatic tracking of policy expiry

Automatic tracking of premium installment Due

Automatic tracking of bank guarantee

Daily tracking of brokerage received & not received

Automatic generation of quotation slips

Versatile report generation