Comprehensively Analyze, Review and Evaluate

It has been our experience that commercial enterprises do not pay adequate attention to the insurance and risk management program for their enterprise. Consequently, as has been experienced in any major accident or Act of God (AOG) incidents like the Thane, HUD HUD cyclones and floods in Jammu and in Chennai, the enterprises are hardly compensated for the financial loss, resulting in severe financial stress and, in many cases, insolvency.

While we have been able to support our customers when such disasters strike, we had taken a conscious decision to extend our services to the commercial community by providing free consultancy on claims, to help them in understanding the insurance coverages, documentation and claims processes.

During this exercise, we realized that, in almost (actually ALL) all claims, the enterprises were not likely to be compensated anywhere near their actual losses, due to inadequate insurances, badly drafted policies, gaps in insurance, terms, conditions and warranties skillfully drafted by the insurers to deny claims!!

While we derive satisfaction from making our knowledge and expertise available at this difficult times to the commercial insureds, the fact that they will still not receive their real loss as compensation due to the defective insurance arrangements, leaves the job half done.

We would like to offer commercial enterprises an opportunity to review the health of their enterprises’ insurance coverage, without any strings attached. Any commercial enterprise can approach bharat RE at  with their financials and existing policy copies (if any) and we would offer them suitable suggestions to secure their business through insurance.